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Open Positions at ISFA for International Post-docs

From Brisbane and Aarhus to LSAF : learn more about the story of our post-doctoral fellow Patrick Laub !

Open Positions at ISFA for International Post-docs

Post-doc offer 1904 in Actuarial ScienceGaussian Process Modelling in Actuarial Science,
supervised by Didier Rullière (LSAF) and Olivier Roustant (LIMOS)

Post-doc offer 1905 in Multivariate probability distributions in actuarial sciences : Construction and estimation of new dependence structures, based on the knowledge of multidimensional marginal, supervised by Didier Rullière (LSAF) and Nabil Kazi-Tani (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1907 in CSR : The influence of governance on CSR practices ?,
supervised by Charlotte Lécuyer (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1908 in Marketing: Who are high value consumers ?,
supervised by Charlotte Lécuyer (LSAF) and Caroline Bayart (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1909 in Data Science Applied to Actuarial Science Machine Learning and count data with excess of zeros,
supervised by Xavier Milhaud (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1910 in Data Science Applied to Actuarial Science : Uncertainty estimators for statistical learning algorithms and missing data, supervised by Xavier Milhaud (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1911 in Data Science Applied to Actuarial Science : Adaptation of statistical learning algorithms to functional data, supervised byXavier Milhaud (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1912 in Entrepreneurship Risk To measure the effectiveness of training actions, and the support processes put in place to develop entrepreneurship among students, supervised by Melchior Salgado (LSAF) and Stéphane Loisel (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1913 in Applied Statistics and Computer Science : Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms for actuarial sciences and insurance, supervised by Christian Robert (LSAF).

Post-doc offer 1914 in Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning : Extremal Quantile Regression Tree and Forests, 
supervised by Christian Robert (LSAF) and Johan Segers (UCLouvain)

Post-doc offer 1916 in Applied Probability and Risk Management : Multi-sensor rupture detection
supervised by Yahia Salhi (LSAF) and Stéphane Loisel (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1917 in 
Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics : 
Mortality models with random fields,
supervised by Yahia Salhi (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1920 in Finance, Green Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility : I
nvestment and asset-liability management strategies involving GCB’s, supervised by Nicolas Leboisne (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1921 in Actuarial Science and Risk Management : Managing risk with insurance and reinsurance captives, 
supervised by Nicolas Leboisne (LSAF) and Stéphane Loisel (LSAF).

Post-doc offer 1922 in Actuarial and Data Science Targeted learning and actuariat,
supervised by Pierre-Olivier Goffard (LSAF)

Post-doc offer 1923 in Blockchain Mathematics and Risk Management,
supervised by Pierre-Olivier Goffard (LSAF)


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Publié le 14 juin 2019