ISFA acts as a key point of liaison between our students and their future employers or partners.

To assist you with your recruitment goals, our ISFA’s Business Relations Service is at your disposal.
We can send out your offers (internships, jobs, …) to our students and alumni.
In addition, the “Association des Anciens ISFA” is also available for your employment offers.


All our students in both Actuarial Sciences and Econometrics & Statistics, undertake an end-of-year internship (starting from the beginning of March or June – see the Internship calendar).
The minimal end-of-year internship durations are:
- 3 weeks for 3rd year Bachelor’s degree students;
- 5 weeks for 1st year Master’s degree students (Actuary and Econometrics & Statistics);
- 4 months for 2nd year Master’s degree students who aren’t on internship courses.

Beware: the internship can only be undertaken in the context of a university registration. THE DEADLINE DATE for END OF INTERNSHIPS can therefore not exceed the 30th September of the university year.

All students (except the students from the GRAF specialisation of the Econometrics & Statistics course) can undertake their 2nd year Master’s degree as part of an internship (apprenticeship of professionalization contract).

Discover the functioning of internships at ISFA


Catherine PIGEON

Managing Director of AXERIA Prévoyance

Depending on the annual availability, we offer the students from ISFA different types of internships: a Solvability II subject, a thought on the evaluation of reserves, specific needs in actuarial product development… the internships can take place, in part, abroad (in Europe).
We wish to recruit interns possessing a broad-based vision of issues, possessing accounting and legal skills, this is the case for the students trained at ISFA.
Furthermore, each year we take part in the ISFA Forum, it gives us the possibility to meet candidates and have discussions about their motivations.


Actuary, CEO and Founder of ACTUARIELLES

The company offers internships for 2nd year students with the perspective of a year-long internship for their 3rd year. The topics are varied and offered in line with the company’s activities. Which have a strong emphasis on current affairs and social protection.
The recruitment through internships is an ideal stepping stone for professional employment. After the 2nd year internship and the year-long internship, the intern is able to decide if the consulting sector is one that suits them.
The training done by ISFA is thorough, in balance with current affairs, it includes as many technical aspects as legal ones, which represents a strong point in the consulting sector.


HR Manager at Mercer Consulting France

Every year we welcome 1st and 2nd year Master’s degree students within our Pensions Consulting activities where they participate in consulting projects on very varied subjects within the Health & Protection Technical Department.
The cross-disciplinary training of ISFA actuaries is perfectly adapted for the consulting sector within which one must demonstrate group spirit, dynamism, customer focus, the ability to respond to multiple client and senior consultant requests, strong flexibility in the context of rapid progression and excellent relationship skills.
Furthermore, the Forum allows us to share our corporate ethos and create ties with students and teaching staff, to engage in exchanges about our values, our opportunities, the possible advancements, and also to provide advice concerning professional development.