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ISFA has been teaching actuarial sciences for over 85 years, which makes it the oldest french University qualified to award the Actuary certification. It is also the only one to hold a laboratory dedicated to actuarial and financial sciences.
ISFA also provides a course Econometrics & Statistics for risk engineering with specializations in different fields (Finance, IT security, Business analysis, Decision making...).
ISFA courses are multidisciplinary and very close to the reality of the professional fields.
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ISFA teaches actuaries and risk managers to fulfil the growing and evolving market demand: risk anticipation and risk management for jobs in insurance, finance and business sectors.

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Our two priorities at ISFA are the relationship that our students have with the professional world and the standing of our research laboratory in the surrounding socio-economic world. It is also an essential doorway into the diversity of the actuarial and financial sectors.


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Actuarial and financial sciences laboratory

Our research activities are centred around insurance and financial risks:

  • Risk modelling and evaluation (probabilities and statistics)
  • Risk management, E.R.M. (Enterprise Risk Management)
  • Economic and medico-economic risk analysis

You may also take part in our tests at the SAF Laboratory.

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