Teaching values

Employability, a priority. What is the reality for ISFA ?


Combining acquisition of knowledge, development of skills and creation of a professional project, these are our ambition for our students!
  • By making our degrees evolve in to meet the demands of today’s businesses
  • By offering lessons which incorporate recent scientific developments and innovations, so that our students of today are capable of building the models of tomorrow
  • By teaching our students how to professionally communicate and summarize their findings.




With internship periods varying from 1 to 6 months a year depending on the graduate level. The training courses offered by ISFA progressively guide our students first towards the discovery and then to the fulfilment of the needs of businesses.
Both our 2nd year Master’s degrees in Actuarial Sciences and Econometrics & Statistics can be undertaken with an internship. 90% of our students in their 2nd year of their Master’s degree choose to do an internship, which serve as a valuable springboard into their future careers.

Internships at ISFA

Strong demand from BUSINESSES

ISFA is well recognized in the insurance, financial and consulting sectors for the quality of our training and the skills of our students.
Over time, ISFA, whose alumni are now senior managers in some of the biggest companies of the sector, has created multiple valuable partnerships.
Internship and job offers are received on a daily basis via our website and are sent out to our students via email.


Internship/Job offers


Our courses incorporate lessons in professionalization, where students work on a personalized project about the development of their identity as future managers. In addition to learning more about themselves in order to focus on their career aspirations, our students try out their negotiation skills, their ability to speak publicly and capitalize on their own experience.
They also learn to communicate their findings, prepare their CVs and for job interviews, … a preparation which is much appreciated by both our students and their future employers.

Professionalization at ISFA


Conceived and organised by our ISFA students, the annual Forum is the unmissable event of the University’s life. It allows both our partnered businesses to showcase the jobs, careers and opportunities which they can offer, and also our students to better understand the expectations of businesses and learn how to enhance their profiles. It is a win-win occasion which provides the opportunity to meet one another, to exchange, to develop one’s knowledge and to build one’s first professional relationships.

ISFA Forum