Presentation of ISFA

Nicolas LEBOISNE, University President of ISFA

ISFA has been teaching actuaries for over 85 years, which makes it the oldest French university qualified to award the Actuary certification. As a University within the larger University of Lyon 1, ISFA also provides a course for risk engineers. At ISFA we strive to train broad-based actuaries with mathematical, legal, economic and management skills.

The strength of ISFA actuaries is their knowledge of how to solve insurance and financial questions which require cross-disciplinary skills. An ISFA actuary benefits from their reputation within insurance and financial-sector spanning the world over, thus creating very sought-after profiles.
A large number of ISFA actuaries have taken up senior management positions in large corporations and others have easily entered international companies.


ISFA, as a University within University Lyon 1, is a cross-disciplinary training and research institute in actuarial and financial sciences, dedicated to the management of risks.
For over 85 years, we have strived to train broad-based actuaries and risk managers with strong mathematical skills and critical legal, economic and management knowledge.

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Throughout their training, our students are in direct contact with companies from the insurance, financial and consulting sectors… An instructive approach to prepare them for the professional work environment awaiting them. Each year, approximately 100 actuary students and about 70 risk management Master’s students graduate and can offer their skills to the relevant business sectors.

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Experience and alumni

ISFA is the oldest French university qualified to award the Actuary certification and has existed since 1930.
The University currently has over 600 students and more than 30 research professors and PhD students at their research laboratory.
This long history has enabled ISFA to build a strong foothold within the actuarial world, along with several notable alumni. The “Association ISFA” is an association which brings together all of the ISFA graduates.

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Opening up the world stage

ISFA is extremely active on the world stage and develops many partnerships to promote the training of actuaries throughout the world. These partnerships also allow our students to do part of their course in a different university. ISFA happily accepts students from other countries.

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