Support our research

The businesses from the insurance and finance sectors are aware of the purpose in supporting research from the SAF Laboratory

Why ?

  • To be connected with the projects which contribute to the construction of tomorrow’s models
  • To be noticed as willing players of evolution in the universe of academia and our students, of future actuaries and risk managers

How ?

Sponsorships and Research Initiatives


As part of our business-lead sponsorships, academic chairs aim to develop a teaching and research expertise on jointly-defined topics
The SAF Laboratory creates a team, spearheaded by a renown scientific figure, which develops research activities over the period of their tenure (1 to 5 years). These academic chairs allow us to merge excellent-standard research activities and knowledge-sharing within our student body.
The keywords normally associated with our academic chairs are prestige and excellence. This means they are held in high repute within the scientific and professional worlds.
The academic chairs differ from research initiatives (IDR) by the sums of the allocated financing.


The academic chair of the SAF Laboratory

Sponsoring events


Whether through the laboratory’s initiatives or identified as major events in our skills fields, ISFA and the SAF Laboratory annually organise several conferences orientated towards our- research topics and the subjects which we teach.
In September 2015, numerous businesses sponsored the Longevity 11 Conference, organised this year by ISFA. For 11 years, LONGEVITY has been exploring the large topic of human longevity.

Our event sponsors

Welcoming of CIFRE thesis

The CIFRE framework (« Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche », i.e. Industrial Agreement on Research Training) enables businesses to benefit from financial aides, by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, to recruit young students whose research work, supervised by the SAF Laboratory, will lead to the submission of a dissertation.
In certain circumstances, the cost of employing a doctoral student in the CIRE framework can be offset by a CIR (“Credit Impôt Recherche”, i.e. Research Tax Credits)