Continuous training for actuarial studies & APEL

Available as a continuous training course or by APEL, the Actuarial Sciences Master’s degree is designed for people with work-based needs and requirements who wish to acquire an Actuary qualification.

Continuous training and APEL, for what goal?

The new regulation checks, elaborated in Solvability II, require insurance companies to lay out monitoring procedures and risk prevention strategies by recognised professionals.
The Actuary certification is recognised as a sign of competence of the people capable of implementing these projective calculations.
For an insurance or finance professional, becoming an actuary means broadening one’s skills spectrum, enhancing one’s credibility and providing the ability to bring your company into conformity with the new regulations.


Depending on the candidate’s entry level, ISFA offers an update training session in probabilities and measurement theory.
Aims: Acquire or update the candidate’s necessary knowledge to start the actuary continuous training course on a good grounding.

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Adaptability & flexibility

The length and frequency of the lessons are adapted to suit each student in continuous training, according to their needs and requirements of their work environment.
The training and APEL courses are designed around each candidate’s record and profile.
The lessons can be listened to on site and in person or accessed via an online platform which is constantly available.


The following of lessons is done via an online platform. Lessons are scanned and put online progressively, which allows the student to study at a distance. This allows them to follow the course at their own rhythm during the semester. However, they are required to validate the necessary modules at the end of the semester.
A specific support takes place in the form of tutoring sessions for the continuous training classes and allows appropriate lessons for this specific public. These sessions are organised once a month.