Cross-discipline University


Actuarial sciences and risk management are at the crossroads and numerous disciplines. Throughout our teaching, as throughout our research, ISFA exploits a vast field of gained knowledge in order to take into consideration all factors linked to risks and their analysis:
  • A large mathematical dimension
  • Strong managements skills
  • Consideration of judicial aspects
  • Incorporation of the socio-economic environment
This multidisciplinary ethos is found throughout our actuary and risk manager courses.


Cross-disciplinarity on all levels at ISFA



Cross-discplinarity and ACTUARIAL SCIENCE

In France, ISFA represents one of the major actuary training centres. Besides our strong mathematical dimension, the actuary training course at ISFA incorporates several other disciplines such as: Economics, Management, Law, Computer Sciences, Finance, Insurance jobs, … Traditionally, the ISFA actuary graduate benefits from the reputation of being able to utilise a broad-base of actuary skills. Coming from such a cross-disciplinary course, they are offered a wide spectrum of jobs, both in France and abroad, which require actuarial technics.

Cross-disciplinarity and ECONOMETRCS& STATISTICS


ISFA is also developing other areas of risk-based issues such as Financial Engineering, Risk Management and Cybersecurity. The common aspect of all these courses is the association of mathematical technics with in-depth knowledge of business, thus exploring an extensive range of disciplines in order to obtain a global and contextual picture of risk management.


Cross-disciplinarity and RESEARCH


Amongst the members of the SAF laboratory, 5 different departments are represented:
  • Applied Mathematics (CNU 26)
  • Management Sciences (CNU 06)
  • Economic Sciences (CNU 05)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS)
  • Private Law (CNU 01)
This multidisciplinary approach allows us to develop research papers in applied mathematics, benefiting from disciplinary points of view and whilst taking into account a range of socio-economic contexts.