SEMINAIRE LABO - Laurent DENANT-BOEMONT, Professeur université de Rennes 1 CREM

Patience and Time Consistency in Collective Decisions
Laurent Denant-Boemont, Enrico Diecidue, Olivier l'Haridon

Abstract :We present experimental evidence regarding individual and group decisions over time. Static and longitudinal methods are combined to test four conditions on time preferences: impatience, stationarity, age independence, and dynamic consistency. Decision making in groups should favor coordination via communication about voting intentions. We fi nd that individuals are neither patient nor consistent, that groups are both patient and highly consistent, and that information exchange between participants helps groups converge to stable decisions. Finally we provide additional evidence showing that our results are driven by the speci c role of groups and not by either repeated choices or individual preferences when choosing for other subjects.

Liste des horaires :

  • Le 7 octobre 2016 de 14h à 15h

    Campus ISFA - Salle 2302