ISFA on the world stage

Stéphane LOISEL, head of International Dev

ISFA is a major player in the development of the training of actuaries throughout the world.
This international aspect serves as a strength for our students who, at an early stage, can choose an international career path.
We act throughout the world thanks to many strong axes of development:
- Mobility of our French students;
- Internship opportunities abroad;
- Delocalisation of our actuary training throughout the world;
- Partnerships with foreign Universities;
- Training of foreign teachers (transfer of skills);
- Recruiting students from abroad;
- Project of an international class at Lyon (lessons in English);
- International prestige of our work and research partnerships of the SAF laboratory;
- Skills recognized by businesses throughout the world, which allow international career opportunities.
With such a presence throughout the world, the sun never sets on ISFA.

A training structure spread throughout the world

Already located in Vietnam, Lebanon, Morocco and Senegal, ISFA is pursuing its international development throughout all of sub-Saharan Africa and a few countries in South America.
Delocalised courses, training of teachers, teaching missions, recruitment of foreign students … from one country to another based on partnership opportunities with local Universities.

A facilitated student mobility

The students of ISFA Lyon benefit from this international dynamic with the possibility to pursue part of their studies abroad in a partnered University.
Thanks to these university exchanges, our students also meet foreign national students who have come to undertake part of their course on the Lyon campus.