Research topics and scientific papers


Since 1997, the SAF Laboratory occupies an original position in the landscape of French research laboratories, as it is the first to have developed a cross-discipline approach to financial and actuarial sciences. The SAF Laboratory has developed a policy of local, national and international partnerships, plus a variety of relationships within the socio-economic world, thanks to our expertise and reputation in these research fields.

The SAF Laboratory is mainly composed of teacher-researchers who write research papers surrounding the concept of RISKS.


Research fields

Our researchers’ main fields of study

  • Economic, accounting and regulatory analysis of risks;
  • Risk management;
  • Risk measurements;
  • Management/Strategy/Marketing.

Application fields

Our researchers’ main fields of application

  • Insurance;
  • Finance;
  • Environment and sustainable development;
  • Health;
  • Entrepreneurship.



The main application fields of the laboratory researchers are:

Historically, the SAF Laboratory had developed a research strategy with the objective of contributing towards a better understanding of financial and insurance risks. The assessment drawn up at the beginning was that company management of financial and insurance risks was going to develop and trend towards the sophistication of models. The former was based on the analysis that the regulatory and prudential context would induce new needs in respect to analyses, risk measurement and risk management by banks, insurance companies and institutions managing households’ long-term savings; thus that taking into account all the risks in a global management process would lead to modern, sophisticated and efficient approaches. Indeed, it was the case with the development of the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) and the ORSA (Own Risk Self-Assessment) methods within the Solvability II European regulatory reform. Therefore, over ten years ago, the laboratory put into place research activities to develop new methods and new tools to identify financial and insurance risks, to measure these risks on both an individual and collective level, to evaluate risk transfer contracts (derivate products, risk securitisation transactions) and to cover these risks. The SAF Laboratory has also entered the field of research in to policyholders’ behaviours (even that of insurance company executives) in order to understand what risks are caused by the behaviour of individuals themselves.
More recently, the SAF Laboratory has decided to undertake research activities around the topics and cross-discipline themes in the following subjects: the place of immaterial capital in businesses, the evolutions of insurance with the arrival of Big Data and the marketing of insurance.